Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 5: Continuous Improvement! (F.I.T)

Good Evening Viewers! 

Today has been another productivity challenged day! No worries at all though. I have noticed a COMPLETE 360 in my energy level at work! I have been working at FOREVER 21 for almost a month and a half and its is mentally and physically draining! Every time I would come home, my back would hurt, about ready to past out, feet hurting so badly, and just frazzled mentally from all the customers all day! Very hectic! the past four days at Forever 21 have been good for me! GREAT actually. I have been filled with more energy, making it through shifts with my right mind, and burning weight all at the same time! I am making it! I have not had any cravings  since the popcorn incident as well! I have been resisting temptation as my roommates and suite-mates consume what they please and I must say I am holding the fort pretty well! Today I had a morning snack since my shift started at 9 a.m, and afternoon snack at 12 p.m and dinner. My meals are as follows.

Morning Snack (8:00 a.m)

  • Nature Valley honey & oats granola bar
  • Motts Applesauce cup
  • One bottled water

Afternoon Snack (12:00 p.m)

  • Nature Valley honey & oats granola bar
  • Mandarin orange fruit cup
  • 1 bottled water


  • Fish sandwich
  • Honey glazed chicken
  • Seasoned brown rice w/ Pinto, Lima, and Black beans
  • 7 pieces of cantaloupe
  • 1 cup of water

I have decided to do  a  questionnaire to ask individuals on campus how do they feel  staying healthy affects their energy on campus and interpreting the results of the effectiveness of the Seven Day Challenge . These results will be displayed in our LAST SEVEN DAY CHALLENGE video diary on Tuesday.  I will be posting a video diary tomorrow to wrap up what we have covered so far before concluding our journey! So stay TUNED! & Healthy! We are almost to the finish line!!


  1. this blog is really awesome, it looks totally professional too, like something you'd see on t.v. All these meals sound so good too, and they're healthy! I'm thinking about doing the seven day challenge now. Great job, and good luck!

  2. Girl, this is unreal! Props to you because I would never ever be able to do this! I am so proud of you for eating so health....your blog makes me wish that I ate healthier today! Those meals are healthy, yet they sound good as well as portion size! Your blog is so detailed and organized, I absolutely love it!! You are doing awesome and good luck on completing this crazy challenge!

  3. Wow your blog makes my blog look terrible! I like that you posted videos and all the colors! All the healthy foods that you are eating sound really good. I eat unhealthy food literally all the time, but I wish I could eat healthy like you. Keep up the good work!!